You will be redirected to the Qpay Gateway page, Enter your card details and approve the transactions to transfer the money.
On a successful transfer, you will be redirected back to the transaction page where you will be shown your Transaction receipt. You will also receive the same on your email address.

the transaction would be unsuccessful. Your bank will refund the amount back to your account. In case of any delays in the refund, please check with our customer service.


Our bank account transfer service enables you to transfer money to your beneficiary's bank account anywhere in the world.Our strong correspondent banking relationships and state-of-the-art technology ensure that your money reaches the beneficiary's bank account, safely and securely within the committed time.
Our Instant Cash Transfer service provides multiple options for your beneficiary to receive your money, no matter where they are in the world.Using the instant money transfer facilities, you can send money to be picked up in cash at agent locations or even get the cash delivered to your beneficiary.
We offer comprehensive foreign exchange services for customers within the Qatar.and it offer buying and selling of wide range of Foreign currencies with the best exchange rates.Individuals can access any of our branches to buy currency at the best market rates.

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